Kohel Haver


Kohel made his way from the East Coast by attending Antioch University in Ohio and after some fancy footwork landed in Portland. Kohel’s interest in copyright and trademark law began when his own cartoon was used by another in a contest that awarded the infringer $50. When Kohel went to claim his prize he was told, “too late kid, we gave that prize away.” Kohel, dumbfounded by the event, shouted “That’s my art!”

The experience led Kohel to Lewis and Clark Law School where he learned the ins-and-outs of working with artists, writers, graphic designers, filmmakers, musicians, actors, cartoonists and software engineers, like himself, so that they may rightfully claim their prize.

Kohel is an advocate for intellectual property rights as well as a proponent of free expression and getting paid fairly for your work. He works closely with many successful creative people negotiating agreements for national distribution and international business growth in the creative industries including print, film, television, photography, theater and performance.

Highly involved with local arts organizations, Kohel is likely to be seen at the Independent Publishers Resource Center, Oregon Media Production Association, Portland Community Media, The Alliance of Community Media, and Stumptown Comics. Kohel regularly presents at local art schools instructing the community on the business of art, copyright, trademark, licensing, contract negotiation and business structures.


Kohel has been working with creative people and their businesses for over 25 years. He specializes in copyright and trademark law advising businesses to develop and protect their brand and property in the modern landscape that merges print, video, audio and the Internet.


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